We help students and educators become legends! Professional Learning & Development (PLD) in Aotearoa: time to launch is... NOW!

Design Thinking & Solving Problems

Hands-On Professional Development

PLD for Teachers in Aotearoa, in-class support and amazing support including coding made easy for Y4-13 - Drone Blocks works seemlessly with Drone Legends - unleash STEM concepts

The Drone Legends experience was like no other, from Coding

and Path-Flying a drone through a structure or room to creating a drone of our own.

There is no experience that I would rather spend the day doing!

Finn Lloyd, St Paul's College, New Zealand

Do you as a teacher, HOD or Principal want highly-engaging, hands-on PLD that accesses new technology, integrates with the curriculum, and opens the door to innovative industries?

Rototuna Senior High students becoming legendary during our Introduction to Flight session, in class with STEM teacher leaders - this is teacher PLD on-the-go in live learning environments

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"I liked that it is different and fun and something that we all could participate in regardless of year levels"

Bornch, Te Ara Poutama Alternative Education, New Zealand

Manurewa High students working as a team during our Introduction to Flight session, in class with STEM faculty leader Jesse Enrique - this is leadership in action as a role model for his team


Papakura High HOD Satchet Singh co-leading during the launch of Drone Legends in the NCEA Digital Technologies Achievement Standards programme

Papakura High (with HOD Satchet Singh) and Drone Legends featured as a case study on the CATE website


Get hands-on PLD that accesses new technology, integrates with the curriculum,

and opens the door to innovative industries?

Learn the highly-praised Drone Legends skills of flight, coding and movie-making with drones.

Then, choose to go deeper into a Drone Legends MISSION!

Amazing PLD materials allow educators to go deeper into the integration of literacy, numeracy, industry opportunities and create local curriculum that engages whanua & learners

PLD Leader - Professor of Flight: Dr Craig Hansen

Dr Craig has 30+ years of creative leadership experience in education, both in Aotearoa and internationally (seen here in Jakarta leading one training for the Google Educator Group of West Jakarta).

With a strong, proven history of professional development (past ICT Cluster Director, Principal of Educational Technology etc.), Craig leads with passion and skill when relating with teachers, board members and community. Drone Legends is the largest STEM.org approved flight programme in North America, now in Aotearoa. Craig launched Drone Legends in a South Auckland Alternative Education centre.

With incredible engagement, communication with whanau and integration with both NCEA Achievement Standards & primary curriculum Craig has developed a highly dynamic, attention-grabbing initiative. With a PhD in the Creative Industries, Craig's thesis focused on how to ensure graduates are the MOST successful they can be when they enter the world of work. Craig's research was motivated by his years as Principal of Lifeway College, which held the distinction of being New Zealand's leading animation school with the highest graduate success rate.

Drone Legends Specialisations - extend the incredible Missions of Drone Legends with our expert facilitators


3D Design & Printing


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